A Better Belt USA

We make each individual belt by hand. Current time from order receipt to shipping is less than 10 business days.

 ~ Proudly Made in Houston, TX since 2010 ~

Why is it better?



Look closely, you'll see that the above belt is "standing up" and holding its round shape. All A Better Belt USA belts are made to this standard. We purposely build our belts to be a lot stronger than others. As a bonus, we make them a little thinner too! If you prefer a thicker belt, just ask... we'd be happy to add a third layer.

Fully Customizable Gun Belts



Starting at only $75.00, with more available options and colors than any other gun belt in the world. Choose from IWB or OWB stiffness. Click on the picture to read more.







Starting at only $99.00, with just as many options as our Ultimate Gun Belt, this is the world's most comfortable and longest lasting gun belt. Choose from IWB or OWB stiffness. The pivot section contours the belt to your body.





 Starting at only $75.00, and available with a contouring pivot section, in IWB or OWB stiffness. This is an excellent alternative to bulky men's belts. Choose from our many colors or ask us for your own favorite color.




Starting at only $67.95, this airport friendly gun belt has zero metal. The keeper shown is for extra security, and also employs Velcro closure. Choose from IWB or OWB stiffness.




 See below for non-custom or limited custom gun belts





Starting at $105.00, this Ultra-thin gun belt, is the perfect accessory for the finest of suits and men's wear. Choose from the "fancy" keeper shown or a standard keeper.






Only $55.00 for one, or $100.00 for two of the same size. We  pre-make these gun belts, and they usually ship the next business day. If we run out of a particular size, please allow 1 week for shipping. Available in OWB stiffness only.


















Starting at $45.00, this bare bones gun belt is suitable to wear "as is" or stamp-able and dye-able for all you "do it your-selfers". Choose from reinforced or non-reinforced.












Vintage Bark Ultimate Elephant Gun Belt (pictured below)




If you are looking for a better belt, that is custom suited to your specific needs, you've come to the right place. Tracy and I promise that "You'll never regret choosing us as your belt maker." , and we guarantee it with our 100% Money-Back policy if you're not satisfied.


Nylon 6/6 ~ Stiff enough for any job, with just enough "give" for comfort.


3rd Layer - Leather Sizing Hole Reinforcement ~ Standard with Ultimate Belts


Dual Layer Keepers ~ Featured on all of our Buckle Belts



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